Moto perpetuo

The jewel collection Perpetual Motion celebrates Leonardo da Vinci: the extraordinary balance between the creativity of the mind and the passion of the heart.

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€ 3.200,00

From the sketch of the Florentine Genio, relating to Perpetual Motion, this elegant pendant is born. It combines the elegance of sinuous and moving lines, with the traditional wheel that inspires the continuous movement of the spheres inside. The circular coast and the central stone can be customized in three different variants.

€ 1.800,00

The undisputed elegance of a design by Leonardo reinterpreted in an excellent combination of gold and precious gem set in the center, the eternal charm of perpetual motion reinterpreted in a modern key. The central gem customizable in 3 precious variants (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald).

Italian genius

The Moto Perpetuo jewelry collection was inspired by the creative genius of Leonardo Da Vinci and one of his extraordinary inventions.

Leonardo developed four different machines for perpetual motion, each with its own form and specific function. The small weights within each wheel perpetually moved each other, only if they were driven by a secondary force.

The undisputed elegance of a Leonardo design was thus reinterpreted in an excellent combination of historicity and innovation, which finds in this jewel collection an extraordinary balance between the intelligence of the hand, the creativity of the mind and the passion of the heart.

Marco Faltoni

28 years old design, he graduated from the University of Florence (with Lode) in Industrial Design and obtained a Masters and related specialization in product design and transport design at the Polytechnic of Milan, in collaboration with the Volkswagen group.

After this experience he moved to the Florentine area, taking an interest in the world of fashion applied to design: he had the opportunity to work at Dolce & Gabbana, in the men's and women's accessories development area of the brand. Working in the technical area, he was able to understand and put into practice the development of a sketch and the technical realization of style ideas, in addition to the production of unique pieces for fashion shows. Later he became passionate about the world of jewelry, becoming an active partner in Ego-Sé, designing and creating original and innovative jewels made by the best Tuscan goldsmiths, promoting Made in Italy and Made in Tuscany.