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€ 420,00

The Denim Shaded bracelet is worked with a hand loom in 925% silver dipped in gold and woven with twisted cotton yarn For those who love to dress casual, for evenings with friends, for every moment of the day. Always current and fashionable, it is a jewel that cannot be missed by those who love to be fashion.

€ 420,00

The Blue Shaded bracelet is worked with a hand loom in 925% silver dipped in gold and woven with twisted cotton yarn.It is easy to wear it on any occasion , it is cheerful, bright and with a typically spring taste

€ 200,00

Monogram bracelet for woman is made in semigloss and rhodium-plated 925% silver: it is embellished with two charms representing our monogram. This bracelet, feminine and refined, can be worn for a casual day. it is the expression of contemporaneity and freshness of our Monogram collection.

€ 190,00

The leather bracelet with the Monogram clasp in 925% semigloss and rhodium silver is a current and precious, elegant and contemporary object, designed for men but also for women who love a more sporty and practical look.

€ 420,00

This bracelet is entirely hand-woven with an antique loom. The geometry of the rhombuses woven between silver 925/000 diamond and precious twisted cotton yarn gives a refined and special effect.

€ 420,00

The Renaissance bracelet is inspired by Battista Sforza's sleeve in Piero Della Francesca's work "Double Portrait of the Dukes of Urbino", worked with a hand loom in 925% silver dipped in gold and woven with twisted cotton yarn.

€ 280,00

One of a kind bracelet made of 925% diamond-cut silver and black twisted cotton. Made on a loom by patient hands that weave the warp, it is a timeless object that accompanies the elegance of the wearer.

€ 280,00

The yarns to be used for crochet work can be very different to have different effects. This bracelet is made of rhodium-plated 925% silver and the particularity of its light workmanship represents the perfect expression of the carefree style of the Ego-SÉ woman. Therefore suitable to be worn with sportswear, but also elegant.

€ 175,00

The bracelet in Giochi di Trama is entirely handmade with an antique loom. A trendy accessory with contrasting materials, 925% diamond silver and waxed cotton in two shades of brown and black that gives this accessory a captivating and contemporary allure.

€ 400,00

For men or ladies a bracelet characterized by an exclusive design, very high quality materials and excellent workmanship. The handmade leather derives from the most renowned Florentine tanneries, combined by the 3 cubes set among them and a bubble in the center releasing the character of who is wearing this jewel. Elegant and refined, with a sober but at...

€ 1.800,00

This majestic bracelet comes from an interpretation of the objects shown at “Museo degli Argenti” in Florence. The micro-cast cubes hold the colored bubbles which can be personalized together with the choice of the metal in a unique combination. This jewel breaks the traditional and classic schemes to be worn with audacity and elegance.

€ 150,00

Bracelet for men and women made in braided leather, solid silver 925/000 and natural stone, completely handmade by our Florentine’s goldsmiths. The Bracelet can be tailored made by selecting your preferred stone and colour of the leather.