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€ 400,00

For men or ladies a bracelet characterized by an exclusive design, very high quality materials and excellent workmanship. The handmade leather derives from the most renowned Florentine tanneries, combined by the 3 cubes set among them and a bubble in the center releasing the character of who is wearing this jewel. Elegant and refined, with a sober but at...

€ 1.800,00

This majestic bracelet comes from an interpretation of the objects shown at “Museo degli Argenti” in Florence. The micro-cast cubes hold the colored bubbles which can be personalized together with the choice of the metal in a unique combination. This jewel breaks the traditional and classic schemes to be worn with audacity and elegance.

€ 150,00

Bracelet for men and women made in braided leather, solid silver 925/000 and natural stone, completely handmade by our Florentine’s goldsmiths. The Bracelet can be tailored made by selecting your preferred stone and colour of the leather.

€ 450,00

Bracelet chain wrought with four charm-balls and a t-bar closure embellished by two small brown diamonds. The Bracelet can be ordered either in silver 925/000 or gold 750/000 and can be tailored made by selecting your preferred precious stone.