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€ 3.500,00

Prestigious workmanship, excellent quality of materials and exclusive and majestic design characterize this modular necklace, entirely handmade and with the utmost attention to details. The stones set, alternate with semi-empty cubes, give movement and liveliness to the jewel, inspired by “Museo degli Argenti” in Florence.

€ 3.200,00

From the sketch of the Florentine Genio, relating to Perpetual Motion, this elegant pendant is born. It combines the elegance of sinuous and moving lines, with the traditional wheel that inspires the continuous movement of the spheres inside. The circular coast and the central stone can be customized in three different variants.

€ 1.100,00

A lively and elegant jewel characterized by a perfect combination of treasure chests holding the bubbles in a seduction play. The hanging drops recall the bubbles and the game make this creation enchanting.

€ 900,00

Elegant and refined, this necklace is an evergreen: in yellow gold 750/000 or in rhodium-plated white gold 750/000 with rat tail cord links. Length: cm 42, hook included *Shining Silk Pendant not included in the price

€ 2.350,00

Pendant made in yellow or white gold (750/000), hand-made and engraved by the old craftsmanship of Florentine goldsmiths. Height: 12 mm Weight: around 11 gr *Shining Silk Necklace is not included in the price

€ 3.800,00

Silver necklace made using the “filopenkato” technique and set off by star sapphires and cat’s eye moonstones.

€ 32.000,00

Necklace in gold, silver and bronze made using the lost-wax casting technique, studded with over 10 carats of diamonds in different shades of colour. In the centre there are a meteorite, a black star, and a cat’s eye moonstone.

€ 18.500,00

Necklace in burnished silver and yellow gold made using lost-wax casting technique and embellished by diamonds in different shades of colour. The dinosaur bone fossils, dating to more than seventy million years ago, make this jewel unique giving it a timeless charm.

€ 26.000,00

Pendant in white gold, diamonds and starlites (Siam zircons). These stones, with their myriad hues of blue, are traditionally associated with good luck, wisdom, cheerfulness and a sense of justice. (10 X 10 cm.)