Innovative Florentine jewelry of the author

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Innovative Florentine designer jewels handmade on commission with gold, silver and precious stones, respecting the Florentine goldsmith tradition.

Innovative Florentine jewelry of the author

Ego-SE ’is the new Florentine goldsmith reality that realizes designer jewels with unique characteristics, which enhance the personality of those who choose to wear them.

In our laboratories, innovation and tradition combine in a winning combination: the historic goldsmith's art with chiselling and refined workmanship today contributes to creating innovative jewels, jewels made entirely by hand with gold, silver and precious stones.

Each jewel is customizable in material, design and precious stones.

Our designer jewels are made on commission, at the explicit request of the client, customized also with dedications and engravings that make them unique and truly inimitable.

Thanks to Ego-SE 'the Florentine goldsmith workshops return to revive the mastery of craftsmanship, which have nothing to do with the aseptic standardization of the concept of current luxury: the gift of a precious personal jewel returns to be felt as a value , before as a possession asset.

We create innovative designer jewels that become unique pieces of the wearer.

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