Italian jewelry handmade crafts

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Ego-SE 'creates italian handcrafted jewelery that can be personalized in materials and precious stones: handmade jewels of great value and unique and unmistakable style.

Italian jewelry handmade crafts

Ego-SE ’is the innovative Florentine goldsmith company that makes handcrafted jewelery with unique characteristics, which enhance the personality of those who choose to wear them.

The great Florentine goldsmith tradition today is at the service of our clients who can choose among the many sample models a ring, a bracelet, a pendant or earrings and personalize them in materials, designs, dimensions and precious stones.

Our craftsmen will make handmade jewels on the express desire of the customers, without any production standards, simply by following the real and personal requests received from the order, making handmade jewels in gold or silver, with precious stones of different colors and shapes and with elegant internal engravings.

Goldsmiths revive the goldsmith's art in the workmanships that reflect the splendor of the Florentine Renaissance, presenting handmade jewelry as real works of art for everyone: spreading beauty, quality and style as values ​​that enter into be part of those who wear Ego-SE jewels.

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