Italian special bracelets

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Special bracelets, for him and her, in leather, gold, silver and precious stones.

Italian special bracelets

Our goldsmiths design and produce special bracelets, unique in their kind, using gold, silver and precious stones: special bracelets for men and women that can be worn at any time of the day, giving a touch of elegance and refinement even to a sportswear.

Our italian special bracelets can be customized in the choice of material (gold, silver or leather), and in the choice of the color and size of the various precious stones, strictly spherical. The particular Ego-SE ’bracelets can be enriched with engravings, writings and dates to seal moments and emotions that remain indelible over time.

Style innovation joins the tradition of manufacturing: we create special bracelets that characterize the wearer: all our models are created on commission by reviving the value of the clientele of a unique jewel inimitable piece.

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