Italian personalized necklaces

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Necklaces customized in materials and precious stones with engravings and chisels that make them unique and inimitable.

Italian personalized necklaces

Ego-SE ’avails itself of the collaboration of qualified Florentine masters for the creation of necklaces customized in materials and precious stones with insecurities and chiselling that make them unique and inimitable.

Our master craftsmen work only on commission, creating the necklace of your dreams, even on your graphic project, with the guarantee of a process that takes advantage of centuries of tradition.

Personalized necklaces that can communicate secrets and emotions, with which it will be possible to symbolize moments, events, relationships, affections.

Personalized necklaces made by expert designers or directly from you: you can also make your necklace a very special piece by inserting in it some fossils of dinosaur bone, like our "Jurassic Jewel" necklace in burnished silver and yellow gold made with the technique of lost wax casting, embellished with diamonds of various shades of color and 11 fossils of dinosaur bone from over seventy million years ago make this jewel unique with its timeless charm.

Or personalize your necklace with a fragment of meteorite from distant galaxies: like our jewel "Frammenti di cielo", gold, silver and bronze necklace made with the lost wax casting technique, embellished with over 10 carats of diamonds from the various shades of color, a meteorite, a black star and a flecked moonstone.

Are you looking for personalized necklaces and other unique and precious jewels?

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