Rings in white gold and rose gold

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Rings in white gold and rose gold: precious jewels to seal unforgettable moments.

Rings in white gold and rose gold

The ancient Florentine goldsmith's art is the heart of every Ego-SE 'jewel, expertly handcrafted in a unique and inimitable piece.

Ego-SE ’avails itself of the collaboration of qualified Florentine masters for the production of rose gold rings and custom-made white gold rings: our goldsmiths work only on commission, creating the ring of your dreams, made especially for you.

You can choose from a variety of materials ranging from steel to silver to gold, from classic yellow gold, to increasingly more rose gold and white gold.

The customizations, in addition to the material, will concern the precious stones, with different sizes and colors and models, with innovative high-end gold rings and snake rings.

You will be able to characterize your rings with engravings and dates, to make a jewel unique of its kind even more personal.

Ego-SE ’brings to the jewelery market a new lymph by giving its demanding customers the possibility not only to choose, but to create their own desires through the hands of a craftsman son of the famous and unmatched Florentine goldsmith tradition.

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