Ego-SÉ was born in July 2014 when Simona and Eleonora met for the first time. They decided to share their professional skills and their cultural experiences bring the best of their native towns, Milan and Florence.

Simona, who worked in the Milan financial segment, is eager to enhance what Florence offers her - gold craftsmanship - and would like to have an innovative business model for her company.

Eleonora opens the gates to Florence and takes Simona to discover the hidden and fascinating places of this wonderful city, meeting real fashion and the gold craft.

Eleonora and Simona are convinced that it is not enough to propose precious materials, instead it is essential to create exclusivity for those who invest their time and energy in surrounding themselves with beauty.

Our partners

Simona Sconfietti

President, Director and Founder of Ego-SÉ.

After 15 years spent in the Milanese financial world and in financial boutiques, she believes in her project and founds Ego-SÉ.

Eleonora Pandolfini

Vice-President, Director and Founder of  Ego-SÉ.
Working in the fashion sector for years and after having acted as buyer, she believes in her project and founds Ego-SÉ.

Giulia Bertolone

Ego-SE’ shareholder

With a strong experience in the financial and legal world, Giulia meets Simona and Eleonora, believes in their project and becomes Ego-SÉ shareholder.

Paolo Penco

Ego-SÉ shareholder, but above all expert goldsmith, designer and sculptor.

Since 2009 he acts as President of Confartigianato, gold section in Florence. He meets Eleonora and Simona, appreciates the possible innovation in his own area, believes in their project and becomes  Ego-SÉ shareholder.